Apr 11, 2024 (Thursday) Events

Announcing the Opening of “OTABISHO, Yokohama Noh Theater” on April 18th (Thursday)

As part of the activities of the Yokohama Noh Theater while it is closed, “OTABISHO, Yokohama Noh Theater” will open on the 5th Floor of Landmark Plaza, Minatomirai.
Drop in to take a peek at “OTABISHO, Yokohama Noh Theater” and discover the classical traditional performing arts of Noh and Kyogen.


Here we will have exhibitions and lectures from the perspective of “seeing, knowing, experiencing, and learning.” The exhibition space will feature exhibits of Noh costumes, various types of Noh and Kyogen masks, the musical instruments used in Noh, as well as a model of the Yokohama Noh Theater stage. Goods related to Noh and Kyogen that will be perfect as small souvenirs will also be available for sale.


On April 14th (Sunday), prior to the opening, an opening performance will be held. After a local performing arts group from Yokohama City parades from JR Sakuragicho Station to Landmark Plaza, a performance by Shigeyama Sennojō of the Okura School of Kyogen and Nomura Mannojo of the Izumi School of Kyogen of “Sanbasō” will take place at the 1st Floor Sakata Tane Garden Square from 13:00.


When you go to Minatomirai please be sure to stop by.


【OUTLINE of OTABISHO Yokohama Noh Theater】


◆Opening date and time
April 18th 2024(Thu.)11:00


Free / No reservation required
Opening hours: 11:00~20:00(open through year)


5th Floor of Landmark Plaza


5-minute walk in travelator from Sakuragicho Station (JR, subway)
3-minute walk from Minatomirai Station (Minatomirai Line).


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[The meaning behind the name “OTABISHO”]


“Otabisho(御旅所)” is the name given to the place gods are taken by portable shrines called mikoshi when they go from their main shrine to interact with people during a festival. The origins of Nohgaku are performing arts dedicated to the gods. Going straight down from where the Yokohama Noh Theater is located on Momijizaka we come to Landmark Plaza. So we’ve compared our activities here to what takes place at an otabisho. By using the alphabet to write “OTABISHO” we hope to create a place that fits the city and will feel familiar to overseas visitors as well.