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The Yokohama Noh Theater’s main stage was built in 1875 for the estate of Maeda Nariyasu, former lord of the Kaga domain, in the Negishi district of Tokyo. It was moved to the estate of Matsudaira Yorinaga in the Somei district of Tokyo in 1919, where it was known as the Somei Noh Stage. Until it was dismantled in 1965 and its components placed in storage, the stage had attracted widespread popularity.

The stage has now been restored using the original components. It is unique that kagamiita or the wall behind the main stage has plum blossoms as well as the conventional single aged pine tree painted on it. These plum blossoms are thought to be a reference to the plum-blossom crest of Sugawara no Michizane, an ancestor of the Maeda clan.

This stage is the oldest Noh stage in the Kanto district, and is the eighth oldest stage in the country. The city of Yokohama designated the stage as a Cultural Property. When not in use for performances, you can see the stage freely from the second floor. We look forward to welcoming you to the theater.

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Visit on your own
(free of charge)
When there is no performance, the Noh stage and the exhibition space is open for visitors. You can watch the stage from the second floor.
※ Temporarily cancelled.
Visit on a guided tour day
(free of charge)
The guide is only available in Japanese.
Once a month, we hold a guided tour free of charge.

Duration of the guide: About one hour
Meeting place: Lobby on the first floor
Meeting time: 10am (no reservation necessary)

Please inquire us for schedule

Visit with a paid guide
Our staff will guide you the theater.

Please inquire us for details.

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